Can you escape in 60 minutes without any help?

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About us

Our goal was to make an escape room that focuses on lifelike situations and stories taking place in realistic environment. You’ll have to escape from everyday places by solving hard and unusual puzzles. Instead of scaring people We tried to insert funny elements to the game. Based on the feedback, We succeeded. 🙂

Who do we recommend it for?


Do you have a good harmony in your team? Test it! We guarantee that you’ll be richer with a new experience. You’ll surely have stuff to talk about after the game.


Is it an anniversary? Or a proposal? Get in touch with us before coming and we can hide your gift or ring in the room.


If the group contains at least 3 people, and one of you have a birthday within 3 days of the booked appointment then he/she comes free 🙂 We can also hide his/her gift in the room. Just don’t forget to mention it when booking, and show us your ID when coming.


A good escape game can be perfect for teambuilding for smaller bussinesses.


Can you escape in 60 minutes withour any help? Put your logical and communicational abilities to the test!


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can play?

Anyone who is at least 16 years old and would like to test his/her problem solving abilities. A good team harmony is necessary.

Why should I play?

Why not?
It’s fun and good relaxation for the entire team.

What is the goal?

To escape!
You’ll be locked in a room together and have 1 hour to get out. You’ll need to solve logical puzzles, open locks while getting closer and closer to escaping.

How hard is the game?

It varies by teams and people. You may be able to get out in 40 minutes (We higly doubt that) or you may not be able to solve all the puzzles in time. You can only know that if your visit us, and test yourselves in one of our rooms.

Do we need any special tool or equipment to get out?

Nope. Everything you’ll need is in the room, waiting to be found and used to escape.

Can we ask for help if we stuck?

Sure. You can ask for help 3 times during the game. Make sure not to use them too soon.


Pricing for one room for one hour

3000 Ft | 10€ (or$) / person

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Get in touch with us if you have any questions about the game or our services. We reply to every mail ASAP.

1136 Budapest, Hegedűs Gyula street 4